Reimagine The Sales Manager

Outsource Sales Management
Outsource Sales Management

Get an experienced full function Sales Head

Improve Sales Processes
Improve Sales Processes

Implement a repeatable sale process

Increase Sales
Increase Sales

Improve sales person productivity

Are you a CEO or business owner managing a 2-10 people sales team among twenty-five other jobs that you are responsible for?

Are you facing challenges not very different from what large companies face?

Are budgets and “expertise inequality” the key constraints holding you back?

We help you improve your sales and lower your costs.

Managing the sales process and mentoring the sales team are critically important. The sales manager is not only responsible for ensuring that sales targets are met but also sustainably improving the effectiveness of the sales team and morale.

A good sales manager provides Sales Management Leadership for the various critical performance drivers – putting and holding in place, a sales process framework, overseeing continuous improvement, ensuring accountability and building an effective culture.

Omnia’s  Outsourced Sales Manager solution helps you bring in the expertise – not just consulting but putting practical sales processes in place, to help you manage, nurture and close leads into firm orders – all this at a fraction of the cost of a Full Time Sales Manager.

Talk to Omnia if your company’s sales performance is poor or average and see how you can BENEFIT from Outsourced Sales Management

Sales Management is a skills position. The Outsourced Sales Manager can accomplish more in half day per week than many sales managers can accomplish in a week’s time.

Some of the issues that Outsourced Sales Management seeks to fix or address are

  • Create a system that religiously seeds best practices amongst the entire sales force
  • Closable deals lost due to poor sales process or selling skills.
  • Inadequate pipeline development, causing stress by not knowing where the next deal will come from.
  • Salesperson turnover due to under-management or under-coaching.
  • Poor hiring process and systems that lead to under-performing reps.
  • Under-use of technological sales tools (e.g. CRM)

Not ready to outsource sales management yet?

We have you covered with point solutions that address your specific challenges

With our vast experience in handling the sales management function, we assist you with reviewing, assessing and driving improvement in sales productivity and building the associated processes to enable your sales team to be successful.

Sales Management Consulting

  1. Go to Market strategy development
  2. Sales process and metrics review & development
  3. Performance management & reporting
  4. Sales & marketing tools development

Sales Enablement

  1. Focus on tools, best practices and sales automation technology
  2. Creating content, support materials, case studies

Sales Assessments & Recruiting

  1. Avoid Hiring Mistakes
  2. Identify critical competencies
  3. Candidate success profiling
  4. Targeted search
  5. Retain talent

Sales Training & Development

  1. B2B Prospecting – cold calling
  2. Consultative Selling
  3. Value Driven Selling
  4. Strategic Account Management
  5. Objection Handling
  6. Presentation Skills

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